About James

About James Bishop


James was born in 1965 at a convent near Los Angeles. He has always felt drawn to monastic communities, and recalls feeling at home at a monastery when he was about five years old.

James grew up in southern California, his early years in the suburbs, and his later years in a rural, agricultural community.

He tinkered with electronics and computers during his childhood, and studied electronics in college. His writing career began in college when he wrote a regular column about mathematics for his college newspaper. James taught computer design at a private college and worked in artificial intelligence for about ten years.

James has synaesthesia, specifically the following forms: music->shape, music->color, and number->form. James sees colors and patterns when he listens to music, and he visualizes numbers in a three-dimensional space.

James’ first two books were non-fiction, but he enjoys writing fiction, mostly about the paranormal.

At the end of each book, James celebrates with a refrigerated bottle of San Pellegrino water. He says the reward is in the radioactive trace elements!

These are a few of James’ favorite things:
Pink Floyd, Stephen King, Raspberry Pi Computer, Ben & Jerry’s, Buster (my dog), San Pellegrino, Linux, ATC (old-style terminal-based air traffic controller video game), C (programming language), reticulating splines.

There is a secret character who is mentioned in all of James Bishop’s fiction books. Can you guess who he is?

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